Friday, November 21, 2014

The Worldview of the Believer

Most Friday and Weekend morning when I am busy completing computer work (making curriculum) or any day when I am cleaning up, I will put on a lesson to listen to while I work. This Friday morning, I chose to listen to Shaykha Nagheba Hayel who tells a beautiful story of Habib Ali Jifri and what our world view as Muslims should be. With these cold winter days in the Northeast, the reminder came at the right time. . . time to stock up our car with gloves, blanket, food, etc. to give out to people on the streets. ♥

Habib Ali Jifri when he came to visit the UK. . . he's in a car . . . and he passes by a phone box and he sees someone sitting on the floor in the phone box and he's like "what in the earth is going on, there's a women on the floor sitting in the phonebox" and they (his students) said "oh, Habib, you know she is like a prostitute and you know because of the weather she is inside" Habib is like we just can't leave her, so he get's the cab driver to stop , he comes out, he sits down with her, he ask "are you alright?" This is the people of Allah, that's the worldview of the Muslim.

The worldview of the Believer is Rahmah. Because if the Messenger of Allah was alive today, they (the Downtrodden) would be his people, they would be the people he would be helping and the people he would give his time to.

If we see the First Message, it was the Downtrodden that responded to his call, it was not to the elite, the elite came LATER, the elite came when it was no choice. . . it is one of the biggest mistakes the Muslim makes: if we could just have this President as a convert. Allah is more Powerful than anything, than this 'elite person', this person of wealth. If he just brought his wealth to Islam . . .(no) Islam historically, it's victory has always been found with the people who are the most oppressed.

This is what we mean by the worldview of the Muslim, the Muslim does not see like everyone else. The Muslim sees a person and he feels mercy for the person. The Muslim sees a situation and he doesn't feel like this has nothing to do with me, he says how can I help to change it, and if he can't change it- he hates it in his heart and makes du'a for the change to take place.

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