Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homeschool Planning 2013-2014

I am excited about life in general, wherever God leads us, and this excitement pours over into our homeschool, especially our homeschool planning. It never goes exactly as I plan, God is always the Best of Planners. So here is my very planned out new school year~ based off my excitement, understanding that only a half of it may get done and knowing that We Will Learn 10 times more than I could of imagine planning.

Our focus is to build our Arabic Vocabulary, especially words that are in the Quran, so that we can understand the meaning of the Quran. 4-7x a week
    ♥  Noor Janan Printables (ABC of the Quran & more)
    ♥  Rosetta Stone
    ♥  Arabic Writing
    ♥  Quran Reading at the Masjid (Outsourced)

Our focus will be on Islamic History, including finishing the Seerah. 4-5x a week
    ♥  Asmaa al Husna
    ♥  Muhammad by Martin Lings & Muhammad Notebook- Noor Janan Homeschool
    ♥  My First Quran
    ♥  Mosque

Our focus is to do more journal writing, research writing and encourage writing in creative ways. 4-5x a week
    ♥  Cursive Writing
    ♥  First Start Reading
    ♥  Explode the Code
    ♥  Spelling Workout
    ♥  All About Spelling
    ♥  Star Writers
    ♥  Literature Guides

Our focus is Mastery of each Math topic. 4-5x a week
    ♥  Math U See
    ♥  Mammoth Math
    ♥  Singapore Math
    ♥  Saxon

This is such an important subject that is often overlooked. It is easy to control people if they do not know how to think critically. Critical Thinking should not be used as a tool to tear down Faith, but to enhance it. 1-2x a week
    ♥  Fallacy Detective
    ♥  Primary Analogies
    ♥  Logic Safari
    ♥  Critical Thinking in different Subjects- The Critical Thinking Co.

Our focus will be Chemistry and Birds and Zoology for Lil A 1 week a month
    ♥  Montessori Chemistry Manual & Chemistry Notebook- Noor Janan Homeschool
    ♥  What's that Bird?

    Our focus will be Cardiovascular, Immune, Respitory, and Circulatory System. 1 week a month

Our focus will be the continent of Africa and African-American History. 2 weeks a month
    ♥  Children of the World - Noor Janan Homeschool
    ♥  US Geography - Noor Janan Homeschool
    ♥  Africa Notebook - Noor Janan Homeschool

Our complete Homeschool Planner 2013-14 will be available to download soon, however, the Curriculum Planning sheets are available to download Free today!

If you would like to see a copy of our Curriculum Planner, this pdf form has links to where you can order the same material for your child. Note: the links will not work in Google Drive, you must download it from drive to use. Link Below

This link below will let you download all the blank versions of my curriculum planning sheets, including Unit Study and Field Trip Planning:

♥  More Curriculum Planning

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  1. Lots of wonderful stuff for a great year!!!

    Popping in from the blog hop!!

    1. Thank you for popping over Stephanie! I pray that your family has a great year.

  2. Thanks for sharing! God bless you with all the wisdom, love and patience you need this year. Thanks again, Jill

    1. What a beautiful prayer, Jill! Thank you and may God bless you with the same and more.

  3. Assalamualaikum dear sis! Your blog inspires me so much and thank you so much for sharing all of these with us! I'm in search for good curriculum for my 5year old son especially islamic studies and yours is the exact one I needed. I'm lacking so much as well as I grew up with secular education. I'm looking forward to teach my children myself as I'll be learning much more myself and alongside with them. Please keep sharing. May Allah bless you and your family.


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