Monday, September 5, 2011

Passport to World Travel

We are traveling the world starting with North America. We are using the Montessori- Fundamental Needs of Humans Chart and 3-part cards to study each country. My children will look at each country to see how they met their fundamental needs in the past and how they currently meet their fundamental need. We will not shy away from talking about how bigger countries encroach on smaller countries ability to meet their fundamental needs. i.e. cutting down rain forests, mining all of their precious natural resources. We are also using a Montessori inspired timeline to look at important historical dates of each country.

Well you can't very well visit a country without a Passport, even when you are World Homeschooled Traveler.  I laminated the cover and left the inserts plain white paper. I glued a picture of my children on each inside cover. Their passport number is our phone number in case it gets lost, maybe some caring person will try to return it to us. They use a skinny marker to outline the country and a colored pencil to color in the country on the North America Map and then they fill in the country's facts.

We will be visiting the countries in North America in this order.
* Panama
* Costa Rica
* Nicaragua
* Honduras
* El Salvador
* Guatemala
* Belize
* Cuba
* Jamaica
* Haiti
* Dominican Republic
* Puerto Rico
* The Bahamas
* Mexico
* United States
* Canada
* Greenland

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