Thursday, September 8, 2011

Panama- World Study

Our current country in North America is Panama.
Our activity was recreating the beautiful Mola of the Kuna people.
All of our World Study Printables can be found at Montessori-World Study.

*We start our World study by reading books and internet sites about the particular country.
*Then we enter all important information in our North American Passport books with an emphasis on Geography. We also use a dry erase board to reinforce geographical items.
*We use a Montessori inspired printable to study the country based on the Fundamental Needs of Human chart.
*We look at the History of the Country using a Montessori inspired timeline.
Finally we have an activity that is based on the particular country:

We took an outline and cut it about a
centimeter smaller each time.

Gluing it on black background creates a
beautiful contrast.

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