Thursday, June 9, 2016

Muhammad Ali's Jenazah

I wanted to go to Muhammad Ali's Jenazah when I heard that there would be a public one, but I didn't want to drive to Louisville during Ramadan by myself. So, I put it out of my mind because I knew there would be no way that I could attend. So Wednesday night, my family decided to drive into Detroit and go to Iftar at the Muslim Center. This was the first iftar we did not have at home and I was excited to get out and be around the Muslim, therefore I took this selfie and posted it on Instagram.

  I was able to attend the Jenazah and this is the post I wrote on Instagram:
On the Muslim Bus from Detroit to Louisville for the Jenazah of Muhammad Ali. There was announcement at 11:15 pm before Tarawih that there was 6 spots open on the bus and the bus would be leaving in about an hour at 12:30. I persuaded my 13 year old Sajid to join me and with no time to go home got on the bus as is... SubhanAllah I later realized I had no wallet in my purse, absolutely no money to buy anything for Suhoor. But Allah is the Best of Providers. The auntie that I was sitting next to gave me half the money she had in her purse and tried to give me more. Who inspires hearts to give all of what they have to others? Then an uncle who saw my son eating the donuts he just purchased with the money, looked as if that wasn't good enough and offered to share his Roti with us. We sat with him eating Roti, chicken and vegetables, the most blessed Suhoor. As I sit on the bus almost to our destination I feel an overwhelming love for our community, there are many nationalities on this bus all for the same purpose to honor the life of a beautiful soul. It's easy to always look at the negative, it takes strength to look at the positive and see the good in people. Muhammad Ali embodied that strength, he was the people's champ 💗

My uncle Bryant met the people's champ in Baltimore when he came to my Uncle's play on HIV and drug use in the early 90's. It's a time life, we are protecting ourselves against AIDs was the theme.

The Jenazah was a difficult and beautiful at the same time, it reminded me of what I imagine Hajj being like. Our expectations should be lowered and we are forced to submit to the fact that you can not keep thousands of people organized or controlled. Allah is in control and you must just go with the flow and appreciate the blessings. 

Without any money and or phone charger, I couldn't buy anything or take pictures, I had no choice but to be in the moment. So I sat, and someone from NPR 89.3 WFPL Louisville took my picture.

and took a picture of some other people from Michigan with Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens.

We returned on our bus back to Michigan the same day, again I had no money for Iftar and the brother who shared his Roti bought my son and I some food to break our fast. It was difficult not having my own money and having to depend on other people, asking others to use their charger so I could call my husband. I cried alot on this trip, my ego was taking a beating. I never want to be the person with their hand out, I always want to have the upper hand. It made me contemplate about others who go longer than 24 hours without food or money. It made me more compassionate for others who are forced to beg because they lost their job, but want to desparately keep their dignity. This is Ramadan and it took me jumping on a bus to Louisville, Kentucky to pray for our dead brother Muhammad Ali to learn the real meaning of Ramadan. I thank Allah for this lesson. Ramadan Mubarak!

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