Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eid al Fitr 2015

The Masjid, Makkah Learning Center (MLC) that we usually go to for everything: homeschool classes, gardening, Foundations in Islamic Studies, etc. has a wonderful Imam, mashaAllah who lead the prayer and did a beneficial talk. After the prayer, they served a Pakistani style breakfast with nana and beans. Many were dressed very beautiful in their very best. Then that is the end . . . no jumpers, bounce house, petting zoo, barbeque like we are used to in other communities.

MLC' s President, bless him, tried to do something for the children who were still at MLC after the prayer was done. He put all the children in his pick up truck and drove them around the property, they had fun which made me happy. Then he gave out, which seem an unlimited amount of candy.

Although, its nice seeing our friends on Eid, Eid should have activities and lots of food from different cultures the Masjid represents. My friend who has been working in Florida this summer, sent me pictures of the Eid Festivities in Daytona which consisted of Bumper Boats, big Jumper Slides, etc. Someone actually filmed the Eid 2015 at Daytona Beach and posted it on youtube!

I also just wanted to be with my friend, as she has been the one that has made the past Eids pleasurable since we moved to Maryland: I missed her and her family. ♥

Humble Dad bought us matching outfits for Eid.

This year we spent alot of time with this family. Everyone in my family loves this little baby, Muta!

The week after Eid, we drove into a suburb of Washington D.C. for PGMA's Eid celebration with Pony Rides. Now this feels like Eid!

PGMA also had jumpers, hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream!

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