Friday, April 3, 2015

The Name and the Named- 3rd 12

Jummah Mubarak, Happy Friday!

I am happy to release the 3rd set of the 99 Names Allah. I didn't quite finish the complete set with worksheets, however the cards are finished and I wanted to release them before the Day 25. Are you counting down the days to Ramadan with us? Today is Day 24: al-Muizz, the Bestower of Honors, which means we have about 75 days until the first of Ramadan. Are you ready, have you made up all your days fasting, have you looked through our old Ramadan post for ideas to do with your children?

I am headed to the Pearls conference, actually I am late for it and my daughter has been rushing me out the house..... but I wanted to fulfill this last commitment.

I wrote this in my last post and it is even more relevant now as I think these will be the last set for awhile. It's Spring time, time to be outdoors and not in front of the computer making cards . . . and it's especially Gardening time! and Baseball time! and Bar-b-que with Friends time! and its time to pick up the Quran and put down the computer so that we can put in the real work to get our spirits ready for Ramadan and the blessings that come with it. ♥

Note from Counting down the days to Ramadan: I have been working on the next 12 and hope to upload them before we get to day 25. You all know that I share everything on my blog for free and that I homeschool, but did you know that I teach a geography class every week? I also drive my daughter, Asha 14 hours to New Jersey and back every week where she is learning Arabic and Islamic Sciences. My son, Zahid is on a travel baseball team and yes I drive him to his practices and attend his games. Plus, normal mom and wife stuff, cleaning, cooking, etc. So please be patient, it may take another two years before all 99 are done. 

And I never turn down any assistance, if you want to come clean and cook or send some money so I can hire someone to clean and cook, email me at
I really want to finish my many projects and share all of these resources with you, it is just that I have other commitments that take up my time. Please keep us in your du'as and ask Allah to put Barakah in my time. Jazak'Allah Khayr.

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