Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Montessori?

Living Montessori Now, shared two very practical videos in support of Montessori Education. One of the videos asked Why Montessori, which got me thinking about why I Montessori? Will Montessori Education produce the Leaders for the future?

Montessori emphasis on understanding World Geography may also be a great benefit after the release of this youtube video . Montessori incorporates this understanding of Cultural Geography in all aspects of education from Art, Globe study, Morning Circle, Continent Boxes, and even in learning how to write with the Geometry Shape Trays.

If you skipped to 45:00 in the above video she talks about the "most wonderful buildings covered with the most elaborate designs" of "the Islamic people" She also states "You can get them (children) appreciative of other countries, by showing the art of other countries."

The Green Crescent in the Montessori Grammar box
may have been influenced by the another Crescent in the Pakistan flag.

A good friend said "Montessori appeals to the Fitra" or purest state of our soul. This may be true and could be what attracts me. I do want my children to have a beautiful and enlightened soul, hence the name Noor Janan Homeschool.

"Maria Montessori pursued her educational work with a spiritual consciousness verging on mysticism."
Maria Montessori was a devout Roman Catholic, however, she spent 7 years in Muslim/Hindu India/Pakistan during World War 2 where she writes about hearing the adhan call the Muslims to prayer. Some scholars believed this had a profound affect on her writings as she began to talk about the child's soul.
Maria Montessori in a Sari in the 1920's
"Nevertheless, Montessori’s faith was not merely sectarian—it was a transcendental, mystical spirituality, and as such it touched upon core religious teachings at the root of nearly all world traditions."

Susan Stephenson
It was also in India where she developed the Peace Education which is used in her training course today. So is Montessori an education for World Peace? Susan Stephenson seems to think so. I went to Montessori school from ages 6-8 and again in 5th grade. I also was influenced by Montessori in my early childhood years in a Universal Church: I am 99.9% for peace, so maybe.

Whether, you have spiritual, peaceful, academic or creative ambitions for your child, Montessori addresses all of them. I am inspired by this and God Willing can continue on in my pursuits for a Montessori based curriculum.

AsSalaamu Alaikum. May Peace Be Upon You.


  1. Thank you! Wow, from the UK! Wishing your school much success.

  2. Lovely post - and thanks so much for linking to my post! You're doing a wonderful job of following Maria Montessori's goals for education. I really appreciate all you share. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  3. asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    you have an amazing blog and beautiful children masha Allah ! just wanted to say jazakAllah khayr because it has inspired me to homeschool my children too. i was just wondering if you could perhaps do a post on different montessori certifications out there and which one you would recommend ? I really want to do a montessori training course too and i get very confused when i start researching as there are so many. I reside in Toronto, Canada. JazakAllah khayr !


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