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This is my humble attempt to meet the need for curriculum that is made specifically for the Muslim child. Although, it is created for the Muslim child, I hope that people of all Faiths will find some of the curriculum shared on our blog useful and universal. All my projects are a labor of love, and come from a desire to be in the service of my Creator. It is difficult to teach my four children and create curriculum simultaneously. Each aspect is a full time job and many projects I can't complete. When I am able to complete a project and share it with you, I am overjoyed and grateful that Allah has given me the strength to finish through. As it all comes from Allah, my philosophy is knowledge should be free and accessible to all. I always give everything I make free on my blog. If you find some benefit from these downloads, please keep my family in your du'as (prayers).
Thank you,

Kamilah Munirah Sayyidi 

TERM OF USE: Please download these printables for free, all that I ask is that you do not reproduce, sale, host, or store them on any other website or storage retrieval system. If you like to share them please link back to . Never share the google document site. Reproduction and sale of these printables are prohibited. For individual use only. 
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99 Names of Allah~      Blogs       Downloads
Arabic~                          Blogs       Downloads
Du’as (Prayers)~            Blogs       Downloads
Islamic Calendar~         Blogs       Downloads
Islamic Character~        Blogs       Downloads
Islamic History~             Blogs       Downloads
General Islam~              Blogs       Downloads      Pinterest
Prophet Muhammad~  Blogs       Downloads
Ramadan & Eid~           Blogs       Downloads

Language Arts
ABC of the Quran~       Blogs       Downloads        Pinterest
Language Arts~            Blogs                                 Pinterest
Grammar~                                   Downloads
Reading & Literature~                 Downloads
Spelling & Vocab~                     Downloads
Writing~                                      Downloads

General Math~              Blogs                                 Pinterest      
Calendar & Time~                         Downloads
Numbers~                                   Downloads
Multiplication~                           Downloads


  1. I would like to download your flag work

  2. Thank you for sharing all these resources!!! This shows a lot of effort!

  3. Jazaka Allaho Jayran for sharing all these,
    You brother from UK

  4. How do you know what you are going to teach when putting your curriculum together?
    I'm really struggling to put one together for my three. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I love your printables....Thank you for sharing them

  6. Amazing, amazing! I am blown away!

  7. MashaAllah brilliant work,great effort May Allah azzah wajalah bless you kheyr and baraka in this dunia and grant you the highest level of Paradise. I benefit so much from this site BarakaAllah feeki.

  8. just found your blog. MashaAllah such an excellent work. Jazakallah khair for sharing it with the world.may Allah bless u always


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