Monday, August 18, 2014

al-Maqasid ~ Summer Retreat 2014

I wanted to write this blog post before my Iman (my faith or certainty) totally went back to the lowly state it normally is in. In Ustadha Nagheba's class on al-Ba' iyya (The Counsel of Imam Haddad), she talked about authors who did not just put pen to paper but were breathing out unto the paper. You are not just reading the work of these authors, but their state with Allah (God), you are reading their heart. I wanted you to read my heart when it was at its' purest- hours after the retreat. However, with sleeping 4 hours at the most during a 24 hour period and sometimes as little as 2 hours, I crashed the following days after the retreat. Despite this prolonged writing, I pray that you can still find some benefit, knowing that all good came from Allah, and anything bad is due to my poor state.

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