Monday, April 25, 2016

When Doves Cry

I didn't realize how much I was attached to the death of Prince until two doves visited me this morning on my back deck. One flew away but the other one stayed on the railing for a long while, constantly turning his head my way.  Coupled with the purple azaleas that are growing in front of our house, I decided to share my reflection using Instagram.

I tried to remain silent on the death of Prince Roger Nelson, yet this morning I met two doves on my back deck. Not any dove, but MOURNING doves. And instantly Prince's song entered my being. One dove flew away but the other lingered on the railing continually looking back at me. In front of my house these purple azaleas have really blossomed since his death last Thursday. Being quite introverted normally, coupled with the purple flowers, fasting the white days of Rajab, and now the doves has me reflecting more than usual. ***What a man does at the end of his life has more weight in the Eyes of God than what he did at the beginning and that is out of the Mercy of our Creator. Prince changed his outlook on sexuality, he fought the slave master: oppression of corporate entities, he gave largely in charity- much of it went to African-Americans, he was a spiritual seeker asking many questions, not only did he stop buying into mainstream ideas but he spoke courageously against them, affirming his beliefs. I dont own a television so it's easy for me not to get swept up with the masses, going out buying and supporting the same businesses that Prince spent a good amount of his life fighting against, I feel if you love Prince the money would be better spent donating to his charities. Moreover, I also have been thinking about how Prince died alone in his home. Despite many who claim to have loved him, his sloped over body in the elevator tells the story "How can you just leave me standing, alone in a world so cold?" 💗 #prince #whendovescry
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