Monday, October 5, 2015

Visiting Michigan. . . & Ohio

Humble Dad was blessed with a job that he really desired and may Allah give him limitless tawfiq in it. The only thing this job is in Michigan, a seven hour road trip from Maryland. Way too far to commute, so we must move. My initial reaction . . I am not going to lie was TEARS!
Move again?

I didn't want to move again, to a place that I didn't know anything about, that is WAY too cold for this California blood, where we will have to meet new people again.

Yet, Alhumdulilah- God deserves all of our praise, His Plan for our lives was better than I could have dreamed of. We actually know many people in Michigan already, one beautiful family Irfan & Sadaf that allowed us to stay with them a week so we could find housing. More beautiful people like Shaykh Abdul Karim Yahya who is our teacher and his wife who shares my name. And even more beautiful people who also Homeschool, yes! Plus of course, their children which will make this move the easiest for all us socially.

So we planned to spend Eid al Adha in Michigan, at least for the Festivities that weekend and I am so glad we did. The first people we saw when we pulled up to the Masjid in Canton, MI was my friends Tahirah and Kamila and that is when I became content with Allah's Plan: it was meant to be.

Dunking Tank

The Wind Up

The Throw

He's Down!

Then we waited in the long line for this super fun looking attraction!

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You can't come to Michigan without visiting Dearborn.

And I can't drive to Michigan without stopping in Ohio, because I love this part of  Lake Erie (Great Lakes). Vermilion, Ohio was our stopover this time.

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