Friday, February 20, 2015

Date Night ♥

Date night doesn't happen very often, but when they do, it does wonders for relieving stress of the homeschool week.

Growing old together, one day at a time . . .
 (16 year anniversary)
I look at this picture and see the wrinkles on my face and hands. I think about mine and Humble Dad's relationship that has almost lasted two decades and everything that it expresses. He surprised me with roses the night before, he knows how much I love a beautiful rose.

We met our favorite Aunt Sharon (and uncle) for dinner at Busboys and Poets.  Islam has permeated DC culture, as there were halal items on the menu. Then we went to see a play by our beautiful cousin, Kathleen Burke. I really loved plays, although I haven't seen one in many years. I used to perform in plays as a child and in college I performed in "For Colored Girls"

There was always something romantic about the theatre, it was easily loveable. Those feeling reemerged at "Conversations I've Never Had", Kathleen's Thesis script writing production at Catholic University. We walked into a very intimate setting, the stage and the actors were in reach of us. The low lights and small apartment scene made it even more intimate as we met a couple that somewhat resembled Humble Dad and I. Brad being a white boy and Ruth being a black girl who were planning to get married. Needless to say I could relate to Kathleen's character Ruth played by Latia Stokes, not just in ethnicity but in her emotional experiences throughout the play. As all good plays should do, I was definitely drawn into it. And as really great plays should do, it made me think and have conversations about the play afterwards. The romance of the theatre is like two beautiful people coming together, the entertaining aspect and set design is the outward beauty to draw you in. However, what is really important: the ability for that beautiful couple to maintain a lasting relationship is the story that is being unfolded. 

from DC Metro's post
It was a lovely date night ♥

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