Saturday, January 3, 2015

Seerah Conference

I never tire of talking about how Great Allah is. One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is singing: How Great Thou Art. I understand that some may view it as bragging about one's blessings. However, I view it a little differently: if our Lord has been so Great in my life and I am nobody- nothing, then He can bless you with much better.

Before I moved to Baltimore in 2012, I made a couple of simple prayers. I asked Allah for: *affordable housing (within a certain budget) *walkable, safe neighborhood *Muslim Neighbors *Homeschooling Support *Close to a Community Friendly Masjid *Quran Program *Nearby Parks *Good Library 

All of these prayers were answered and the answers exceeded my expectations. One such example is Zahid and Sajid's best friends who live across the street, who are Muslim and they homeschool. What is the chance of having such wonderful neighbors! Only Allah could have Blessed us in this way.

Our local Masjid- Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) is a constant blessing that keeps answering our prayers over and over again. It is a community friendly masjid with an indoor basketball court and beautiful woman's prayer area. My children have played team sports: baseball, basketball, and soccer at this Masjid. ISB is currently hosting Homeschool classes, Scouts program, and Martial Arts. Plus they have a wonderful Quran program led by Qari Zahid who shares my youngest son's name. Then recently they hired a wonderful shaykh, Shaykh Yaseen who started a Seminary program hiring our favorite Imam Mikaeel who we drive 30 minutes to support at MLC. Allah brought our Imam Mikaeel to us as ISB is 5 minutes away. If that wasn't enough, Shaykh Yaseen started this first annual Seerah conference bringing our Allentown, PA connection- Shaykh Walead and Lovers of our Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa Salaam) right to us. Shaykh Walead's talk in this video on happiness in the home is an important listen . . . then the icing on the cake was watching my son, Zahid sing. May Allah bless ISB, this community with much more than I could ever think of asking in my duas.

Youtube Video- Seerah Program

15:16  -  Allahu Allahu ~ Shaykh Yaseen
22:15  -  Happiness in the Home ~ Shaykh Walead Mosaad
1:45:07  -  Urdu Naat ~ Qari Zahid & Ya Nabi (English) ~ "mini" Zahid
2:34:31  -  Inner Dimensions of the Sunnah ~ Shaykh Hassan Lachheb
4:52:21  -  Shahru-l  Rabi' Wafana ~ Shaykh Hassan Lachheb
4:58:30  -  Hijra ~ Shaykh Walead Mosaad
5:38:30  -  Final year ~ Shaykh Hassan Lachheb

Youtube Video- Seminary & Seerah Program with Imam Mikaeel & Shaykh Yaseen

One last note, don't forget to teach your children about Allah's Greatness. Being an only child, my mom would always have to remind me that "the world doesn't revolve around you, Kamilah". Maybe the person who first said that to their child did not know that Allah has the Power to do all things. Teach your children about His Greatness, His Power, and all the Attributes of Allah. Knowing what Allah can do is more humbling than pointing out your child's limitations.

Thank you Allah for always answering the du'as (prayers) of my heart. ♥

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