Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Princess ♥

"I found this on my kindle, mashaAllah, even when you just see yourself as a tired mother and wife, some little person may see you a little differently

May Allah preserve our children hearts."

I didn't realize how popular this post would be on facebook when I shared it. Alhumdulilah, I am glad that it was helpful to others, however the reminder was for me as I was speaking out loud. Sometimes I don't like looking in the mirror or looking at pictures that my children have taken of me, not out of the fear of vanity but the fear of being repulsed by my own image. The image of a tired worn down mother and wife. The fear that I may see me with someone else's negative lens. That I may see me as too dark, too fat, too old, too stupid, dispensable, not worthy of true love or friendship. Yet, to my Azara: I was her queen and she was my princess. ♥

I love to be around children who have not been tainted by their parents and society for this reason, they just see a good heart and not superficialities. Children are so forgiving, even of the blemishes, the burnt toast and the dust filled bookshelves. I imagine that this child view of people is similar to the way God views us. The person who is the lowest in our society, inshaAllah will be a King in God's Paradise. Prophet Muhammad, salAllahu alaihi waSalaam said "Paradise lies at the feet of your Mother" which emphasizes the hard work a mother does and her status with God. Allah is al-Basir, the Seer of All, He knows what is in our hearts, He knows our good intentions and He knows what we do. 

I love this view of you and it is beautiful.

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