Sunday, January 11, 2015

Computer Learning- online & cd

We do restrict screen time, but I remember my speak n spell and playing number munchers very fondly . . .

Learning games can be used as an incentive to getting the pencil and paper work done fast. We also like to supplement our subjects with youtube videos. Finding good learning cd's or online learning opportunities is a great way to outsource some of your children's education while still having control on what they are learning. There are complete curriculums online, many of them free, so that everyone can homeschool on a budget. This list is only made of Computer games and/or curriculum that I have used or would use with my children.

List of Online Learning Games

Complete Curriculum
Easy Peasy All-in-one Curriculum

Math Curriculum
CTC Math Online

Language Curriculum
Daily Grammar

Stories for Listening
Miraj Audio
Mother Goose

Free Online Reading
Robinson's Book List

Arabic Learning
Arabic Playhouse-Games
Rosetta Stone Homeschool- Arabic

Geography Games
Roadmap & Mileage Game
Longitude & Latitude
Countries of Africa

Reading Games
Star Fall

Logic Games
Logic Games
Rush Hour

Typing Games
Typing Instructor for Kids

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