Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Search for Warmth

A trip down South is not complete without a stop in South Carolina and in particular Gullah Country. We were searching for warmth and although we did not find warm weather in South Carolina, we did find something that warms my heart, called Gullah Luv. Gullah luv is a seasoning mix that we picked up last time we came to this area and have been craving ever since we ran out of it. Yes, I could of ordered it online but that's too easy, if I don't have to work to grow and cultivate the spices at least I can travel a little to get it.

Historic Mitchellville in Hilton Head, SC has a park dedicated to the Gullah people of this area.

When we finally made it to Florida it was still cold and rainy, but we always stop at this visitors center to pick up our free Orange Juice and Grapefruit Juice.

Allah is always near watching over us when we travel. This last rest stop came about 30 minutes before Maghrib. There was a nice faucet outside to make wu'du, the perfect secluded palm tree shaded area (yes, we finally found beautiful 80 degree weather in South Central Florida). We prayed our traveling prayer just in time, alhumdulilah!

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