Monday, October 27, 2014


We wanted to find birds to study for our ABC of the Quran- Birds unit which led us to a free Zoo in Cape May, New Jersey. The interesting thing is when I asked for Birds, I didn't realize Allah would shower us with birds. We had a day of birds and so much more.

Fancy Feather Exotic Birds Shop
There was no particular reason I was on New Jersey State Hwy 168, it wasn't a main road that leads to Cape May, nor was it a short cut. It was just one of those intuitive moments that I have while driving that leads me to these beautiful places. Beautiful places that are off the beaten path and why I love road trips. Fancy Feather Exotic Bird shop had enough birds to learn about and observe, we really didn't need to go any further. 

We had so much fun talking to the birds that I made a little video.

Atlantic City
We usually love the beach, so I decided to drive to Atlantic City on our way to Cape May. However, Atlantic City felt more dark like Las Vegas than an upbeat beach town. It gave me a headache upon entering, therefore we didn't stay long. We stayed long enough to see the seagulls and other creatures along the beach.

Cape May Zoo
We finally made it to the free zoo at Cape May, and we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of animals there are to see. Many great animals that some of the fee-based zoos do not have.

Pretty soon upon entering we found a flock of peacocks walking freely around the zoo and we knew that we came to the right place.

The zoo also had a special World of Birds exhibit.

Stone Harbor's Bird Sanctuary
If all the above wasn't enough, then Allah led us to this beautiful Bird Sanctuary where we sat and watched the sunset on this wonderful bird filled day.

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