Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Audio Books- Miraj

Z Man says Miraj Audio is sooooo awesome and I am inclined to agree.

We are enjoying the Free Audio Books and our purchased Audio Books from Miraj Audio during Ramadan. We do not watch television in our house and our movies are limited to documentaries and Islamic movies most of the time.

Moreover, during Ramadan we cut out all videos that are not Islamic and we especially cut out the video games. Days filled in play & worship and nights at the Masjid keeps us pretty busy during Ramadan, but for those time periods where we want to be quietly entertained, Miraj Audio works perfectly!

The Sad Camel is always Free to Download

During Ramadan Miraj Audio has had a special free listening special. This week you can listen to Yusuf and His Amazing Dreams for FREE. Next week will be a new free audio to listen to, so return to their website throughout the month. They are also offering 25% off Ramadan Special for all purchases, using the code: "Ramadan 2014"

Yusuf and His Amazing Dreams

Such a great deal! I regret to say that I have not personally taken advantage of their offer because I purchased all of our audios on Amazon for full price. I like keeping all of my downloads in the Amazon Music Library . . . just to keep things simple by having it all in one place. My only criticism is how they split up Salah ad-Din into three parts, each part is $6 each. $18 for the entire Salah ad-Din album is a tad bit high. All in all we are happy customers as you see by my Beloveds' drawings inspired by these enchanting audio books. Thank you Miraj, may Allah accept this as a great deed to Muslim families.
Here are the Amazon Links:

Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part 1
 Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part 1

Dawood and the Giant

Leyla the Sparrow

A Gift of Sands
A Gift of the Sands

Nuh and the Great Flood
Abdulqadir’s Treasure

The Ants and the Prophet
 The Ants and the Prophet

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