Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Ramadan Schedule

Ramadan is our month of freedom. It is our most liberating month. It is our month of simplicity. It makes me happy that Ramadan is in the summertime, with no baseball/softball distractions that fall and spring brings or heavy loaded homeschooling we do in the winter.

I so look forward to Ramadan every year because it is the month where my focus is Allah and nothing else. I disconnect from facebook and reconnect to our faith book - the Quran. I also enjoy spending long nights in the house of Allah- the Masjid. Ramadan truly is a blessing for me and the most unscheduled time that I have. A time where most of the day is spent leisurely in remembrance, reflection and play.

Our Summer Ramadan Schedule

. . . . yes, play for my Beloveds. A recent article on the Atlantic which reads: 
"Unscheduled, unsupervised, playtime is one of the most valuable educational opportunities we give our children. It is fertile ground; the place where children strengthen social bonds, build emotional maturity, develop cognitive skills, and shore up their physical health."

As, an adventurous, free spirited mother ~ I allow unrestricted play time for my Beloveds  in our normal routine throughout the year. However in the summertime, you will find me participating in their water fights, fort building, freehand fishing, lightning bug catching, and ocean waves riding. The natural world comes vividly alive during the summer time, it is important that we take the time to get outdoors and awaken our beings to Allah's beautiful signs.

Does fasting during the long summer days intimidate you?
The key to an easy fast is to train your nafs. Fasting is always easiest at the end of Ramadan because we worked the first days of Ramadan training our nafs. However, it is better to train our nafs before Ramadan even begins so that we can benefit the most of these blessed days.
It's not too late. Fast tomorrow, Monday and Thursday and get your nafs in gear for Ramadan.
Another way to train your nafs, is to over exaggerate the fasting. Make your nafs believe that you would fast a whole 24 hour day. . . some Muslims who live above the Arctic circle like in Sweden and Alaska almost do and people who have little food do also. Make your nafs believe your 16+ hour day is super easy compared to a 24 hour day without food.

May Allah accept your Ramadan deeds. Enjoy your Summer!

Update: A new Ramadan Ibadah Chart has been created and is available for download. Mostly for moms and older daughters.

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  1. My Muslim friends here in the Philippines are very excited for Ramadan 2014. They said if it wouldn’t start tomorrow, then it would be on Sunday depending on the moon sighting. I respect how much they cherish this occasion and also enjoy it, especially their Muslim delicacies. :D Happy Ramadan to everyone, dear friends and may your purpose be done. Cheers!!

    1. MashaAllah, thank you for beautiful comment and wonderful post on Ramadan. It is very interesting, especially the food part ;) I shared your blog on our facebook page. May God's Peace Be upon you.


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