Friday, June 13, 2014

Ground Level

We recently made some changes to our learning environment. The environment centered around big bowls of fruit and the smell of burnt toast. Yes the dining room/kitchen where we spend a great deal of time sitting at the table doing schoolwork as well as eating . . . umm, burnt toast.

We transformed the table, no more sitting at chairs, we took off the legs and now we sit on the ground. We have been grounded and it feels so good!

Qayla related, "I saw the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, sitting squatting. When I saw the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, humble in his form of sitting, I trembled from dear."

As Muslims, it is very common to sit on the ground at the Masjid, outdoors in a park, and at a few Halal Restaurants, however in our homes many Muslims who can afford it have furniture. In fact, many Muslim homes that I have been to are full of very fancy furniture. However, I felt the urge to bring simplicity back to our dining room. It is the Sunnah to sit on the floor and to live in simplicity.

After my Beloveds and I worked to create this change in our home, a friend and blogger of RaggaMuslims shared an article: Parenting Against the Grain-Going Furniture Free about an American biomechanist, Mother of two who is living furniture free:

As a biomechanist, I understand the relationship between musculoskeletal function and the immune system, bone robusticity (density and shape), and functions like digestion and breathing. Having furniture isn’t an option for us, in the same way a cupboard full of junk food isn’t an option for many others. Furniture creates a development-crippling environment in that the stuff literally shapes our body, both in the now and in the future.
No sofa. We have a low table, similar to the traditional Japanese style, where you can sit on the floor — although, full disclosure, we rarely use it. We just eat on the floor off a platter, similar to a Middle Eastern style of dining. Only we don’t have any cool rugs. . .
 . . . instead of needing to go to yoga class for permission to get on the floor and sit cross-legged or do a twist, I do these things way more often.
Like our Gardening, I want to continually add things to our lives that ground us to the earth. Plus the view at Ground level is so much more vivid~ our senses have been awakened.

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