Monday, May 26, 2014

Trenton Makes Nur (Light)

There is a big sign over the bridge in Trenton, that reads "Trenton Makes, the World Takes". How true is that statement for us! Trenton has a few Beloved souls that we love to visit as often as we can. One of these beloved souls that we affectionately call "Auntie", her street radiates Nur (Light) and it directly comes from her house. The street above it, below it, to the left and right of it may look dark and grimey, however, the light shines so brightly on her street and the warmth penetrates the heart. ♥

"Give glad tidings to those who walk to the Mosques in the dark, of Perfect Light on the Day of Resurrection" al-Tirmidhi 223

Auntie's other half: Uncle M is a jolly bundle of Nur himself, that Lil A loves to tell stories to about a Gorilla in the zoo. The secret to Uncle M's Light is that he exemplifies those that our Prophet (saw) said who gets up when it is still dark to make Fajr in congregation at the Mosque.

We try not to take so much, we try to give back as much as they give to us, but it is impossible... How do you give back a love that keeps giving, how do you out trump unlimited generosity? And once you know complete and genuine affection that doesn't falter, you can't help but keep taking and basking with delight.

The other Beloved souls we visited this weekend have children the same age as Z Man and Lil A with very similar interest. Z Man and his friend love to sing Nasheeds! Watch their Youtube video here.

. . . among other things.

While Lil A and her friend are both bright, strong, and feminine, mashaAllah . . . balanced girls who spent the weekend riding bikes and playing dress up and tea party!

Humble Dad kept saying how much he loved this man. The local Imam of Trenton has all the right combinations: knowledgeable, wise, kind, & adventurous.

We were surprised by another Beloved Soul from Princeton!
It is important to have knowledge, but a fool with knowledge is a disaster waiting to happen, an unkind person with knowledge is a tyrant, and a sedentary knowledgeable person is just not fun! Our weekend was full of fun, balanced with great spiritual insights. Although, Humble Dad's focus was on the husband of this family, both Big A and I was being filled up by the wisdom and humor of his blessed wife.

Alhumdulilah, Trenton makes Nur (Light)! Being a very sensitive person, it is hard to not let others get to me and bring me down. Therefore being in good company is a great cure, Trenton has become my refueling station where I get filled up emotionally and spiritually and all my Beloveds feel the same. ♥

There was another blessed family in Trenton we missed seeing as they are overseas.. . May their travels be full of bountiful blessings and may they return to Trenton safely.

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