Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beach Life- Homeschool Edition

What homeschooling on the Beach in a Hotel looks like for Noor Janan Homeschool...

We bring our laptops, portable printer, and even our laminator. We set up a spot in the hotel room with our books and supplies. The television at the hotel is rarely on, we don't have a television in our home so it is not a big deal to watch it. We have our books and the great outdoors for entertainment and relaxation.

I love the round table this hotel has, it is so easy to share supplies. It brings us closer together and group lessons are done more easily. Now a round table is in my duas (prayers),  please grant my family a round table, inshaAllah. Ameen. ♥

We are all so much closer to each other than when using the big rectangle table.

Working on Arabic Vocabulary- Buildings- Lighthouse with Smart Ark Islamic Toys.Arabic Lesson- Learning the word for Lighthouse and listening to the importance of why Muslims should be a lighthouse.

Lighthouses, with water colors, markers, color pencils, or whatever supply was available.

Shaykh Husain's wonderful talk on Lighthouse: Be Like a Lighthouse

As much as I love the round table, homeschooling is still done everywhere, outside on the beach, at the indoor pool, on the veranda, in bed.

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