Monday, November 18, 2013

Bilal's (ra) Adhan

I taped this for my teacher for her wonderful Companions of the Prophet Class, where we had to listen to the Adhan 5 times in one day. In the class, we were discussing Bilal (ra) and our teacher was in tears as she told us the story of Bilal's coming to visit the Prophet's (saw) grave in Medina.

Bilal's voice was a memory of the Prophet's(saw) time, so Hassan and Hussain begged Bilal to call his last Fajr Adhan. Then the people of Medina all came out of their homes when they heard Bilal's voice because Bilal's voice was a memory of good times with their Blessed Prophet salAllahu wa alaihi waSalaam.

Our Beloved Z Man was the Muezzin in this video.

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