Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Simple Reminder

I re-shared this photo on facebook, some people laughed and understood while others misunderstood and thought me to be somebody that I am not. For I am a Lover . . . of God and of people. ♥
So I wrote this verse.

"And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers." Quran 51:55

Unfortunately, we live in a time where people don't want to be reminded.
And those who remind are called names like "hater" or "self-righteous".
Concerned individuals have to begin their talks with "I am not judging" or "This reminder is for myself first" out of fear of those who use guilt as a shield.
They will publicly showcase their sins and misguided beliefs then say "don't judge me", "it's my business" shaming the concerned for looking at what's blatantly in their face.
It's sad, we live in a time where being bad is cool and being good is blame-worthy.
Where free speech is only acceptable for falsehood, and the Truth should "shut up and mind their own business"
Where concerned individuals get bullied out of caring.

There is an art in reminding.
A reminder may be serious when needed, or humorous, or done in a story or rhyme.
A reminder may take on the style of the venue, when in the Masjid or Church it may sound like a khutbah or sermon and when on Facebook it may take the form of a someecards.
But a reminder is just that, there is no force coercion.
It's the sharing of information that the concerned finds useful, what they believe to be important, in hopes that the believers will find benefit.


  1. I found myself in a sticky situation this month because two other children are dropped off at my house so I can take them to homeschool coop with us at our church. Many members of our church do not participate in Halloween and sure enough I hear a little voice from the back row of the car asking "Why do you have pumpkins on your porch?" I say, "Because it's autumn." Child: "You're not going to carve them in to jack-o-lanterns are you?" My son: "Oh YES!" Both children simultaneously: "But THAT celebrates DARKNESS." there I am trying to put into words how it is that one can trick-or-treat, wear a costume, put a skeleton on the front door, and carve a pumpkin and NOT be worshipping the devil. It was tricky. So, yes, when I saw your cartoon I laughed and laughed hard because it was a wonderful way to laugh at MYSELF and consider the subtle hypocrisy of the choices I make. Thank you for sharing it :)

  2. Salaams
    Loved the post was thinking of doing this myself but as you rightly say i would have been called "self righteous". Seeing your post I wish I had said something!!


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