Monday, October 28, 2013

Fieldtrip to Washington DC ~ Gardens

We love when Humble Dad works in Washington D.C. and we can go with him. The past couple of weeks, he has been working a couple of blocks from the US Congress Building and National Botanical Garden.

It is a perfect location to walk around and enjoy the city and not have to pay for parking. We enjoy walking cities, the best walkable city being San Francisco where I lived as a teenager with my mom before having children. New York City is also a wonderful walkable city. The 3 "S" senses will encapsulate you and hold you close , the Smells, the Sights, the Sounds are many of the reasons that we love it.

We started the day at the library, I had homework to finish for the class I am taking at My Beloveds were so good, each of them sat down quietly reading or looking at pictures in books. Libraries can provide some of the best homeschooling time, where children can engross themselves into real books.

Then we met Humble Dad for lunch. We really liked the cheap burrito place he took us to.

The walk to the Botanical Garden included swinging along the Library of Congress fenced bulbs. My beloveds looked as if they were having so much fun, so I joined right in with them.

This wasn't the only thing I joined in, I also played freeze tag with them. It let me know how out of shape I really am, wow, the energy and strength of children is amazing! I ran, chasing my Beloveds and being chased by them, until I couldn't run anymore. Then I laid down right on the garden grass and looked up at the sky. It was such a beautiful day, and my Lil A climbed on top of me and stared at the sky with me. Big A, S Man and Z Man soon followed and I told them about my childhood and how I loved to just lay on my back and look up at the sky.

Lessons from the Garden ~
The theory of evolution becomes apparently flawed when seeing all the wondrous variety of plants.

Even children can tell you that this was not by accident, all of this was indeed Planned by the Creator of All things. Even more it was Created for our enjoyment and use, from the medicinal plants, to the tasty fruits, to the sweet smelling flowers. What a delight! Thank you Lord. ♥

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