Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Day at the Orioles

It's no surprise by now, if you read our blog regularly that we love baseball. Humble Dad's favorite team are the Toronto Blue Jays. Some view it as sign that he is Anti-American, which is hard to believe as he was born and raised in the US and has never been outside of North America. (I hope this changes soon, we want to visit other continents and possibly live there for a stretch.) Last time I heard Canada is a North American country and therefore Canada, as well as Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc is every bit American as far as baseball is concern. Especially when many of the players in the MLB come from outside of the USA. So when fans in places like Minnesota start chanting "USA" it shows how jingoistic we have become, we are better than that, we must teach our children to think.

This Orioles versus Blue Jays game had no question of loyalty, it was just pure fun with Humble Dad's family.

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