Monday, June 3, 2013

Camping Lake Habeeb

Our Minara group/friends decided to have a camping trip at one of Maryland's beautiful State Parks. We decided on Rocky Gap State Park where they have a beloved lake called Lake Habeeb named after a Lebanese American who helped initiate development of the area. Habeeb, usually spelled Habib in Arabic means Beloved. 

Humble Dad and I ~ ♥

The drive up to Lake Habeeb is beautiful and a little long at 2 hours, but well worth it. Besides swimming and fishing Lake Habeeb, they have many hiking trails, a very clean and comfortable campsite with plenty of privacy, plus great activities led by a Park Ranger. We had 7 other Muslim families in our group and we did most everything together including hiking the Beaver Lodge Trail with the Park Ranger who taught us alot about beavers. Beavers are truly a proof of God's Perfect Creation. With all the beauty and wonders of Lake Habeeb there was never a dull moment and we were extremely happy to be there.

Big A participating in Tie-Dying Fun!

Setting up our tent the second time, was much easier than our first time at Cape Henlopen. Big A was her dad's main helper in setting up the tent, while I added special touches to beautify the campsite, like a vase of cut flowers. It made our camp site feel like home.

One of my best ideas, that worked wonderfully was to pre-make cheese omelettes and just heat them up on the propane stove in the morning. The pre-made omelettes made breakfast a simple affair with pound cake, mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. With our bellies full, we were ready to start our full days of hiking and playing in Lake Habeeb.

No Minara camping trip would be complete without remembrance of our Lord & Creator and sending blessing on God's Prophet (saw), while roasting Marshmallows and playing with Sparklers :)

We brought our Chickens to Lake Habeeb. The ongoing joke was "Where are your wild Turkeys?" Because we did let them forage in the forest freely as chickens were originally forest animals and they still have their natural instincts to live in the forest such as foraging and roosting on tree branches. All of the children in our group loved the chickens and had fun trying to catch them to put them back into their container at night.

The best part of camping Lake Habeeb was having our friend there with us, it gave us a glimpse of how community life could be where we lived next to loved ones. How wonderful it would be able to walk over to your next door neighbors for tea and donuts- EVERYDAY! If you needed to borrow a cup of sugar or needed someone to watch your child, you always had wonderful neighbors who lived a similar life full of thikr and remembrance of God, so you knew that cup of sugar had barakah (blessings) in it and the person watching your child was bestowing on to them the love of their Creator.
We were European American, African-American, Pakistani-American, Bangladeshi- American
 Indonesian-American & Syrian-American

May Allah keep our hearts connected and allow us to have more opportunities for us to grow as a community. Ameen.

All the really good photos were done by my friend Yaty, please do not use them without her permission.

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