Saturday, May 25, 2013

Park Quest 2013

I can't believe it has been over two months since I have written a blog post! I really have alot to say but no real time to put it down. I am truly grateful for our blessed life, we have had many wonderful things happen. So the blogging break, allows me to sit back and fully be involved with our life as it unfolds. As many who blog will tell you, blogging is a full time job. 

I also can't believe Park Quest is here again for the summer of 2013, how awesome is that?

Last year was our first year doing Park Quest and it was incredibly fun. We completed 8 parks, 2 short of the 10 we needed. But for our first year, taking a major Road Trip from Maryland to California and back, then Ramadan (our month of fasting) being right in the middle of summer, well, I think 8 parks for our first year was fantastic! No major road trips planned for this year, we plan to hike and camp in Maryland alot more and I see us completing all 10 Park Quests plus some in 2013. Yeah!!!

Park Quest Excel

Last year I created a spread sheet and it worked out great, this year I improved it because I now have an iphone. (The iphone was the only phone Sprint was offering free as an upgrade) This year my spreadsheet is smart phone friendly, it will take us directly to the google map of the park. So getting directions will be a breeze. There is also a link on the spreadsheet that will take us to the parkquest site for each park, just in case we are missing some important information. Try it out free here: Park Quest 2013

I am sort of thinking of t-shirts this year. I like all the teams on the Park Quest Facebook page that have their team tshirts. I love red with our TEAM NOOR JANAN logo, I changed our normal Noor Janan Homeschool logo to the Park Quest colors and it looks fantastic.

I also made a Park Quest Notebook, so we are ready for a great summer! Thank you Park Quest! Like last year, all downloads are free. Happy Questing!

Interested in seeing our Park Quest from 2012? Here goes:


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