Monday, March 4, 2013

Reading & Phonics Workbooks

I think Spectrum Reading workbooks are really convenient in so many ways. They provide easy work to take on the go, they cover vocabulary and other reading comprehension lessons. The workbooks are multicultural and have interesting subjects. I also like the Test Taking practice by Spectrum also. The best reason I like them is because they really are kid approved. In fact, Big A said why didn't you just save your money on expensive curriculum and just buy Spectrum books in every subject. Hmm, interesting idea.

Multicultural with names like "Jamila " in it.
Well after taking a look on Amazon, I decided their math workbooks were not worth it. Singapore Math is a much better deal and practice. I did order the Science workbook from Spectrum and the same interest was not there for my Beloveds. I also had to rip out a great deal of the evolution beliefs that I do not agree with. So Science is a no go for our family. Some companies do everything well and that is the exception and not the rule, I love the ability to pick and choose. So I just pick Spectrum for Reading Comprehension and Test Taking fun! Of course, this should not take away from reading real books.

For Phonics, Z Man has been working steadily through Steck Vaughn Phonics. He seems to like this one over, his old phonic workbook by EPS. We also do Explode the Code, but since he likes more visual stimulation- yes the black and white pictures do not work for everyone, we also do the more colorful Steck Vaughn.

Spectrum Reading on left, Steck- Vaughn Phonics on the right
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