Friday, February 8, 2013

New Web Design

I am trying to make my blog website more user friendly. I would love your opinion on what I need to work on or change.

Some things I have changed:

* The look or design

* Social icons on the side bar

* The menu bar on top only has the subjects.

* The menu bar on the side has all of our pages, including local resources, link to our store, and how to contact us.

Some things I want to change:

* I want to have a thumbnail for each printable so that they are easier to find.

I have no knowledge of web design, I am using google to search for information on how to change things. If you have ideas that can help me, please share :)


  1. I think you did a great job in designing you blog/website. I love how nifty the placement of every tab, icon and everything is. Indeed, you made it very user-friendly. Anyway, why don’t you also add a pin it icon in every photo that you will post in your blog? This way, people could easily pin it in their board on Pinterest and share or like it too. +David Byrd

    1. Awesome idea!!! Thank you for responding!

  2. Google was such a saving grace! Anyway, I appreciate your effort to optimize your site for your audience. :] And you’re actually doing great, especially with adding social icons on the side bar. Netizens are all over social media and they’d be so glad for this convenience! It is also considered a subtle way to expand your online presence. Post interesting and useful content and they’d be willing to share it.

  3. I like the changes that you've made because the website became easier to navigate. I have to agree with what David suggested though. Putting pins will make your website more effective in terms of relaying content to viewers. All in all, there's nothing bad to say about your website. The elements and their hierarchy are well-thought.



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