Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Shower ♥

A few of the women in our homeschool co-op are due to have babies this winter. I really loved being pregnant and bringing forth life, the essence of womanhood. Although, we are done having children, I love being a part of new life. May this baby come into the world healthy and have the proper nurturing so that he/she will fulfill his/her life's purpose. ♥

~The Decorations~

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sketch Book


The best way to keep track of art is in a sketch book. Even big pieces of art can be put in the sketch book, by capturing a picture of it. Many parents complain about having so many pieces of paper, drawings that have been strewn all over the place or can not fit within a folder. Sketch book is the answer. Although, I do keep a portfolio of my children's art. I also love for them to use their sketch book when learning a lesson, there is something wonderful about being able to put the lesson to art.

Most drawing in the sketch book are done with pencil and color pencil. However, crayon, pastels and even water color works, just protect the other papers of the book with newspaper or plastic while painting.

No matter what the subject is, you can always add art to it.
If you are studying the Native American- you can draw and paint so many Natural landscape scenes, filled with marvelous creatures like Buffalo.
If you are studying Math- there are wonderful sketches that involve geometry, like Islamic Art and other Architecture, Volumes of liquid, Pyramids, etc.
If you just attended a field trip at a Museum, having your child sketch something fascinating from the field trip can help lock it in. Adding mix media, like an actual photograph to the sketch is also a great idea!

Some Sketch ideas:
Self Portrait
Bowl of Fruit
Favorite Toy
Ice Cream
Baseball or other sports equipment
Mosque (Famous ones)
Building- Business

LakeShore Art Portfolio, I use for keeping loose items, each child gets a color tab.

More Cross Curriculum Sketch Book
Sketch Book
El Salvador- World Study

Find more Art supplies in our Amazon Store
Remember don't feel obligated to buy anything, I have not received a penny from Amazon thus far, the store is there for you to get ideas.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

El Salvador- World Study

We learned about El Salvador through many books, culminating with a famous Salvadorean artist: Fernando Llort. He is so remarkable because of his social service that he has done for his country's people teaching a whole community in La Palma to be self-sufficient through art. They sale many painted items using the techiques and rich colors that Llort is famous for.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Warm & Cool Colors

Warm & Cool Colors is part of what Artist call Color Theory. Awesome Artist . com has wonderful information on this.

We extended are first Color Wheel mixing activity by painting the color wheel. I only gave my Beloveds the three primary colors and they were responsible to create the secondary and tertiary colors.

Then we use this Color Scheme sheet.

After we studied Color Theory, we created these warm and cool art pieces. They first started by drawing stripes on their paper the width of a ruler horizontal then vertically. They could either draw the lines light or erase the lines so that it would not show through the water color. They each drew a simple design that they could paint with either warm or cool colors, making the background the opposite color scheme.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Day in Philly

My Beloved Big A wants to learn how to sew, so a friend of mine has said she would help teach her. We headed to Philly to buy material, the fabric store we were headed to had great prices, however, the price of gas did not make it economically worth it. The worth was found in some of the other reasons I wanted to go. It was just a girls day trip, with my friend and my daughter. My friend is about the same age as my mother and she had some very interesting stories of the Muslim movements of the 70's & 80's in Philadelphia from the Dar ul Islam to Shaykh Gilani to Quba  to the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen community, so it was history lesson. Big A was so interested, she was thinking about doing a newspaper report on her for Journalism class. It was about being a foodie, a desire to eat a real Philly Halal Cheesesteak.  Lastly, it was about getting some Islamic products you can not find in Baltimore, like Pink Nail Henna.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WW- 14th Year Anniversary

Not- So - Wordless Wednesday

a delivery
fruit & balloons
a husband
of 14 years today
who is on a
business trip
in Dallas

How they arrived~

Lines, Lines & More Lines

Lines are everywhere in Nature and in man-made things. Noticing the beautiful lines in nature can be as simple as looking at the palm of your hand. Our hand has many types of lines present including curved, dashed, horizontal, diagonal, crooked lines and the spirals of your finger print. These lines inspire artist to focus on detail and create wonderful art with various texture and depth. Lines are in the beginning of any art course, lines are the building blocks of art as cells are the building blocks of life.

I created a free worksheet to help my children to understand types of lines. There are many ways to use the worksheet, give the child the vocabulary only and allow them to draw the lines. Or give them the lines worksheet and test them on the vocabulary. You may also use both the lines and vocabulary as a reference card.
Download Free in Creative Arts

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Basketball has begun

Basketball is a new sport for my children. We are definitely a baseball family. Although, new they seem to be learning quickly.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Teaching Giving

The World does not revolve around a single individual I had to learn in life. I was the only child and I never really had to share, so this lesson was more difficult for me than it is for my Beloveds. Charity starts in the home and they live this everyday, by helping their siblings or parents.

                                   The Upper hand is BETTER than the Lower hand.
                   The Upper hand is the one that Gives, while the Lower hand is the one that Receives

However, communities need everyone to give for them to grow prosperous. We all need to do our part even young children, right? Well, Islamic Relief came to our local Masjid to put on a Help the Orphan event. They performed skits, held talks, puppet shows, games, and crafts to help children understand the importance of Charity.

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