Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Z Man's Trashcan Snow Man

I wanted to stay in Canada longer, I loved it there. The feeling of safety, while the US news told about shooting upon shootings, and in Canada you can still pump your gas first and pay later. However, Humble Dad wanted to get back to work and it wasn't so bad that we did. Our first snow fall of the season came today and it was beautiful.

~The Snow that God blesses this World with is a sign of His Mercy~

Although beautiful, it would not be fun to drive back in it. So Alhumdulilah- Thank God, for Humble's Dad intuition and strength, he drove from 8pm to 2am to get us home safely.

What to do with all this beautiful snow, my children were not lacking any ideas. They built igloos, made snow angels, and sled down the hill. Z Man even came up with the idea of making a snow man out of trash can, much like building sand castles with buckets at the beach.

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