Saturday, December 1, 2012

Young Muslims

Our local Masjid hosted a Young Muslim Conference. All of us went and enjoyed it. Although, it was more for Big A's age group. S Man was the one who really benefited from the talks. Big A really liked the comedians. I liked the two Omars. Omar Suleiman is a speaker with Al Maghrib and MashaAllah he is really good. He is the only one from Al Maghrib that I could really relate to and listen to besides Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick. He did a talk about how we are all different named "Omar Al Khattab" and it brought me to tears, it touched my heart. While Omar Regan was silly funny and I laughed so hard that I cried. Lil A will tell you her favorite is Baba Ali, little children love him, but he did a nice comedy piece on "Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus" The whole thing was taped and put on youtube already. So I am sharing it below.

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