Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baltimore County Homeschool Review

Yesterday, I received these flowers and I wrote about how stressed I was about my upcoming reviews.

The review ended up being very simple. Donna Sochurek is the homeschooling specialist for my county and happened to be my reviewer. She had read my blog and already had a list of the books we use printed out from my blog, how cool was that! All of my children passed the review with flying colors, this is what the paper looked like.

My biggest fear was not having enough work and having to transport all of their work to the meeting. I did not want to be overloaded, nor did I want to take my children to the review meeting. Therefore, I had to come up with a plan. The law only requires a sample from each subject for each school week, but many people transport cart loads and book bags full of work. I on the other hand took one shopping bag full of work for my 4 students and humble dad worked from home so that he could watch our children during the review.

I left their color coded work tubs at home, and just placed a file folder for each child in my Trader Joes shopping bag.
I was able to find one sample of work fairly easily. I labeled each item with a sticky note, the name of the student and subject and kept it together with a paper clip.

The subject many homeschoolers have trouble with is health education. However, I was able to find a used health book from Abeka at Train Up A Child. It is a wonderful local homeschool used bookstore in Sykesville, MD. I really love this bookstore because they are always giving away books, they have a huge selection of curriculum, the prices are great, and the small town it is very quaint. I love using Abeka for science and this health book is no different, everything is centered around God which is important when learning about Creation. In Health, we have been working on Cells, Bones, & Muscles.

Another problem many homeschoolers have is with Physical Education, they want to see a log of all the sports, free play, or activities the student is doing. Homeschool Skedtrack: the free online homeschool record keeper I use was perfect for this. Homeschool Skedtrack has an easy calendar you can use to enter dates without typing them all out and you can copy assignments. This is a beneficial time saving tool. If you have multiple students who are doing the same thing, you can all copy assignments to other students. 

For Muslims, we are exempt from Music therefore my reviewer just marked N/A and we moved on to Art.
I have tons of Art work for them, however I just brought a few samples. We have been working down the Elements of Art and we also do Draw, Write Now. However, I think the easiest way to keep track of Art is buy your child a sketch book.

We are doing many thing for Social Studies and I brought a sample from each. We are currently still working our US States Geography and World Geography. We are also doing United States History, mostly reading and notebooking. However, what many don't know or utilize is you can use Religious history for Social Studies also. So, I included the work we are doing on the Seerah and if you look at the assessment sheets above she has written Islamic History down for Social Studies.

In Science, we are currently working on Physics and I submitted our Physics Notebook. InshaAllah, I will blog more about this soon.

Mathematics was simple, I mostly just submitted their test or quizzes, she really just wanted to see that they were doing work.

In Language Arts they really want to see a book log, which we have the one that I made. This is a great download, MashaAllah, if you have not downloaded it free yet.


We also submitted Writing Samples.

Spelling test are also great to bring to your review. Pretty Simple, right! I am glad it over, I felt so relieved after it was done. Then to make it even greater, my mother was in town and was staying at the Double Tree with an Indoor Pool, Whirl Pool, & Sauna. I haven't had a dry Sauna in a long time, all stress was melted away!

The Best Tool we use in homeschooling everyday that helped make our review easier is a date stamper. It is invaluable and fun to use for little hands.
I made a worksheet to make the next review in May go a little easier. The key to less stress for me is to take out the sample as we go along, instead of trying to find a sample from each week all at once. Therefore, I will keep a file folder in each workbox where each child can pick out a sample to put in their file folder. I made a worksheet to check off each subject has a sample for each week and I am sharing it. Happy Reviewing!

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  1. Wow...Awesome job! Thanks for posting.I was unsure about what the review would actually entail.This makes my mind at ease!


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