Friday, November 2, 2012

Teaching Giving

The World does not revolve around a single individual I had to learn in life. I was the only child and I never really had to share, so this lesson was more difficult for me than it is for my Beloveds. Charity starts in the home and they live this everyday, by helping their siblings or parents.

                                   The Upper hand is BETTER than the Lower hand.
                   The Upper hand is the one that Gives, while the Lower hand is the one that Receives

However, communities need everyone to give for them to grow prosperous. We all need to do our part even young children, right? Well, Islamic Relief came to our local Masjid to put on a Help the Orphan event. They performed skits, held talks, puppet shows, games, and crafts to help children understand the importance of Charity.

Previously at the end of Ramadan, we made food boxes and Ramadan cards for families in need. Pictures were taken by my friend at Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom. Because I led the card making activity, I was extremely humbled to see the designs the children came up with.

Then more recently we attended a fundraising event for Muhammad Schools, it was a great time with friends, but more importantly the money we spent was going to a good cause. I pray that we can continue to work in the community providing services that help.

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