Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sketch Book


The best way to keep track of art is in a sketch book. Even big pieces of art can be put in the sketch book, by capturing a picture of it. Many parents complain about having so many pieces of paper, drawings that have been strewn all over the place or can not fit within a folder. Sketch book is the answer. Although, I do keep a portfolio of my children's art. I also love for them to use their sketch book when learning a lesson, there is something wonderful about being able to put the lesson to art.

Most drawing in the sketch book are done with pencil and color pencil. However, crayon, pastels and even water color works, just protect the other papers of the book with newspaper or plastic while painting.

No matter what the subject is, you can always add art to it.
If you are studying the Native American- you can draw and paint so many Natural landscape scenes, filled with marvelous creatures like Buffalo.
If you are studying Math- there are wonderful sketches that involve geometry, like Islamic Art and other Architecture, Volumes of liquid, Pyramids, etc.
If you just attended a field trip at a Museum, having your child sketch something fascinating from the field trip can help lock it in. Adding mix media, like an actual photograph to the sketch is also a great idea!

Some Sketch ideas:
Self Portrait
Bowl of Fruit
Favorite Toy
Ice Cream
Baseball or other sports equipment
Mosque (Famous ones)
Building- Business

LakeShore Art Portfolio, I use for keeping loose items, each child gets a color tab.

More Cross Curriculum Sketch Book
Sketch Book
El Salvador- World Study

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  1. Salam, I'm interested to know how you Put together a portfolio of your childrens art? What kind of folder or binder did you use, do you pinch hole them and how do you pick from all the art they create? Many thanks.

    1. Walaikum AsSalaam! I put everything in a portfolio from Lakeshore.


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