Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Shower ♥

A few of the women in our homeschool co-op are due to have babies this winter. I really loved being pregnant and bringing forth life, the essence of womanhood. Although, we are done having children, I love being a part of new life. May this baby come into the world healthy and have the proper nurturing so that he/she will fulfill his/her life's purpose. ♥

~The Decorations~

The expectant mother has some wonderful friends and family, many of whom came down from New York to celebrate this day with her.  They put together a beautiful room full of lovely decorations.

~The Food~

The expectant mother's sister is standing here by all of her wonderful desserts that she prepared. Some of these traveled with her from New York and some she baked here in Maryland. No matter where they were made, she put in alot of work and time to make this dessert table delicious!

~The Surprise~

Oh, did I tell you that this was a surprise shower? Yes, she thought she was coming to a baking event with her husband. He had even cooked some delicious chili to go with the story, ha, ha, doesn't she look surprised. MashaAllah.

Even her older boys were in for a surprise. Humble dad congratulates and talks to her oldest son.

~The Girl Cousins~

If this baby is a girl, she will be the 3rd girl cousin born this year. Above is the (muy bonita) beautiful daughter of the expectant mom's younger sister with her aunt, MashaAllah. Below is the (muy bonita) beautiful daughter of her younger brother with the expectant mom's beautiful mother, MashaAllah. She is a very proud grandmother, wouldn't you say?

~The Men~

Traditional Baby Showers might not have men, but it is so much more funner with them there. My baby showers were anyways. Humble dad had some great conversations with these men, especially the father of the expectant mom with the burgundy vest. He converted to Islam in the 70's and he is Puerto Rican, how many people in the world can make that claim. Even our family friend from the documentary New Muslim Cool and my blog post Preparation for Ramadan can't claim that. Then to raise a beautiful Muslim family who are now raising a family of their own was beautiful to see at this Shower.

~The Games~

Z Man measuring his tummy trying to guess-estimate how big the belly of the expectant mother is. Then her younger son below transform himself with tape into "Danielson" or a ninja.

~The Gifts~

~The Talk~

The expectant dad gave a great reminder about Ashura, the time were Moses and the Israelites were save from the Pharaoh as they crossed the Red Sea. He talked about Moses being brought back to his mother so that she could nurse and take care of him, after she had the Taqwa (God-Consciousness) to stick him in the basket. His dua or prayer was that we all dedicate our children in the service of Allah (God) as the mother of Moses (pbuh) did.

~The Family~


  1. The hand on the tummy is classic! They should have that one framed! MashaAllah! My Allah bless their family Ameen!

  2. Masha Allah, so much joy and beauty captured in this post! The Ocasio's are having a beautiful baby girl fest this year... may Allah continue to bless them!!! Thank you for sharing :-)


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