Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Numbers 1 - 20

We are using our Calendar Numbers, Snap Cubes and Math U See manipulatives to practice numbers 1-20 with Lil A. She made an interesting pattern of topping each tower off with a pink cube!

The snap cubes can provide the same sensory effect as the rods in the Montessori classroom, while the Math U See manipulatives share the same principle has the beads.

Montessori Rods
Montessori Beads

I do love the Montessori Method that has the child do the work with manipulatives before writing is introduced.
Lil A doing the work earlier in the year.

Lil A can do this work well, she is a master counter, however she still needs practice in writing. I created a sheet so she can practice her numbers up to 40 that you can download on the 3 R's page.  I also use sheets from other bloggers and teachers. I like to switch them up, usually laminating worksheets we do over and over again and then I attach them to a ring to keep like subjects together.

Free Download . Using a wet erase marker or nerds (yum!) to show the quantity.

Free download from TPT, I love the Palm Trees! Using a regular marker is a great beginner tool.
A marker is bigger to hold, and no crutch to erase mistakes.

The same worksheet laminated to use over and over again, less paper!

Using the rings to keep worksheets from COH and 1plus1plus1

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Free Downloads

More Number Practice
Numbers- Expanded Form

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