Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lines, Lines & More Lines

Lines are everywhere in Nature and in man-made things. Noticing the beautiful lines in nature can be as simple as looking at the palm of your hand. Our hand has many types of lines present including curved, dashed, horizontal, diagonal, crooked lines and the spirals of your finger print. These lines inspire artist to focus on detail and create wonderful art with various texture and depth. Lines are in the beginning of any art course, lines are the building blocks of art as cells are the building blocks of life.

I created a free worksheet to help my children to understand types of lines. There are many ways to use the worksheet, give the child the vocabulary only and allow them to draw the lines. Or give them the lines worksheet and test them on the vocabulary. You may also use both the lines and vocabulary as a reference card.
Download Free in Creative Arts

My version of the Drawing Warm up from the book, Drawing with Children

I also found a line worksheet for the older child that goes further into this Element of Art.

Then we used the leaves from our Leaf Hunt to draw more lines based off an inspiration from our Element of Art "Pinterest Board".

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  1. What a great Montessori-inspired extension! I really appreciate all the free printables you share. I featured your printable at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page (and on Pinterest)


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