Saturday, October 27, 2012

HCYP Softball- Fall 2012

Big A had a wonderful Fall Season with HCYP Softball league. It was organized, good volunteer coaches, good referees, and a nice team of girls. Although, she did not pitch for the bulk of this season. She was able to pitch in the last game of the season for one inning and struck someone out. However, the truly remarkable thing is she scored the winning run, by sliding into home. 

We really appreciate the coaches, one of them would drive about 40 minutes for practices and games. We've done football and baseball in the Fall and its hard to come to practices when the weather becomes wintry. But we came, and Big A loved every minute!

In the beginning when the team found out that their color was going to be pink, there were some complaints by the girls. I personally love the color pink and I am not a girly girl. I really do not like the label, so when Big A came home from school one day in the First Grade and the girls were trying to say she was a tom boy because she didn't "act" girly. I told her to tell those girls, "I am not a girly girl or a tom boy, I am just a girl." And Big A is just a girl who loves to play softball and is learning to sew and crochet, a balanced girl who doodles and loves science. .  . . and who loves blue and pink.

My Lil A made pink cool and named the team, the pink flamingos after her sunglasess. She was the proclaimed team mascot!


  1. It is easy to pick out Big A because she is wearing her A's visor!! that makes me happy to see that!!

  2. Pink is fine; they look good!


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