Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bird Feeder and Tulips

What do you on a dreary Fall day? Plant tulips (from Costco) of course and dream of Spring.

Ok now the tulips are planted, what do you do about a dead tree that is an eye soar? Beautify it with pretty ribbon, allowing it to still serve as a practical bird and squirrel feeder We added some peanut butter to the pinecones we collected on our Leaf Hunt.

Then we added ribbons an hung it on the tree.

I thought it would be a wonderful treat for the birds in the winter when food is scarce. However, I was thinking even more that it may encourage the homeowner association to cut down the dead tree. We did get some birds a very pretty bluejay and (red) cardinal.

We learned about the different birds during our US States study.

Then, one bright Fall morning I received a knock at my door. They were here to cut down the dead tree and plant us a brand new plum tree.

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