Friday, October 26, 2012

A Full Day- Eid al Adha 2012

We have lived here in Maryland for about 9 months and Humble Dad and I tell each other often doesnt it feel like we've been here longer than that. We have met some wonderful people and those people have made us feel very welcome. One of our friends invited us to join them for their Eid Marathon and when I say marathon, I am not just being dramatic.

The day started with me making last minute hijabs or head scarves, read more about this in Mother-Daughter Eid. Then my family went to the Eid Prayer at the Masjid. Many families go to breakfast at a restaurant after the Eid prayer, however my friend thought it would be nice to do breakfast together in the comforts of a  home environment. We made waffles, omelettes, halal turkey sausages, home potatoes and more.

The kids jumped on moon bouncers, dressed up like super heroes and princesses, and ate bowls of candy.

My friend was so proud of her shish kabob that she seasoned and put together, it was delicious!

Prayer was made on the deck in between the grilling. 

Great conversations were taking place in the living room and in the great outdoors.

One of the husbands shaved his bamboo for spears to roast Marshmallows.

We all came together for a bonfire, to make smores and sing nasheed and thikr with more great conversation.

It was a beautiful night, right before Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit us, with great people, we couldn't of asked for a better Eid.

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  1. Mashallah! It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful souls. Eid Mubarak!

    1. Alhumdulilah, beautiful souls indeed. I thank God for you and your family Faridah. ♥


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