Thursday, September 20, 2012

National Aquarium

The Maryland Aquarium in Baltimore has a wonderful homeschool program that we participated in today. It surpassed my expectations and it made my Beloveds very happy. The program we participated in was about Marine Animals. It started out with a video lecture, then two age groups were split up, my younger two went to learn about dolphins and made a dolphin hat. While my older two, did different science experiments. One experiment had to do with how much blubber is needed to protect an animal from ice water.

Another one had to do with Marine debris that are often mistaken for food and are harmful to the animals. We really must do better as a society at teaching our children to recycle and throw away trash.  Especially for us casual fishers, unused fishing lines and broken fishing nets can kill marine animals and we must dispose of them properly.We also need to teach them to pick up after other people because we are our brother's keeper. So in this experiment they had to sift through gloop and find out what belongs and what doesn't belong.

Some more experiments included how whale's hair like teeth called Baleen work. There were also plenty of artifacts to touch and feel.

All of my Beloveds were able to participate in the dolphin discovery program. This was the highlight of the day, Big A loves dolphins and these majestic mammals of the sea deserve all the admiration they get.

We also had a chance to walk around the different exhibits in the Aquarium. We have been to so many better aquariums that I wasn't to impressed, including the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga which was designed by the same person. Monteray Bay Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium & even one of our favorite but small Aquariums in the Smoky Mountains have all excited us more than the National Aquarium. For example, my favorite jelly fish exhibit is at the Monterey Aquarium, nothing has compared but the Tennessee aquarium has a decent jelly fish exhibit while the National Aquarium had a single tank. Even, my beloveds said this is boring and it's sad but the jellyfish art work impressed me more than the exhibit.

However, where their exhibits lacked, the dolphins and the homeschool program made up for. These programs are well worth the money, if you are in the Maryland area, you may want to consider them. Also, we have started a page dedicated to some of our favorite places in the Maryland area, you can check it out on our LOCAL FAVE page.

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