Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Day Fruit & Vegetable Challenge

My Bell Pepper all vegi "pizza" versus my kids homemade pizza,
you can read more at Making Pizza with Love ♥ 
Mothers and especially Homeschool mother's need to take care of their health because their is so much strain on the physical body. Not to mention the emotional and spiritual body in which all of these are connected. And since we do so much for our children, it is often we will play the matyr and neglect ourselves. Well I have done alot of neglecting myself. It had become so bad that I would never buy myself clothes, so my husband started buying me clothes. That actually worked out kinda of well because I am not a fan of malls, I have not been in one in years (except an outside outlet mall to buy shoes for my beloveds). I am not a fan of shopping in general, he buys me what he likes to see me in, there is no feelings getting hurt because your old man doesn't notice or doesn't like your outfit, it's a total win-win situation, ladies, really!

When you are young, you may get away with the neglecting but as you get older your body won't lie. I already had health issues and I was just on a very long antibiotic regimen. So coupled with the neglect, the disease, and the antibiotics, I was feeling awful. I have pain in my stomach & pelvic, pain in my legs, tingling in fingers and toes, dry eyes and mouth 24 hours a day. I started to cut back meat to once a week as a respected Scholar advised in. I was motivated by the movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead to begin drinking Kale smoothies. Although, it felt good to eat this way, I am still in alot of pain. So, I decided to do this challenge of only feeding my body whole natural foods that are plant based only. Starting with 30 days of fruits & vegetables, because of the antibiotics my cheat is yoghurt, I need the yoghurt for the acidophilus and the stomach coating.

People have been asking why I am doing this and although I have explained many times, this is one explanation I gave on facebook:

I am trying to get rid of some of the pain that I am feeling in my stomach for being on antibiotics for a long time. I am trying to get rid of yeast and I am trying to stifle some of my lower desires when it comes to food. It's not purely for Allah, that is why I don't call it a fast. However, some of the benefits of fasting like disciplining my body is also apparent. And unlike Ramadan, I am drinking alot of water, smoothies, & lemon stuff and staying away from sugars (that don't come from fruit) & starches. Just trying to get healthy and increase vitamin intake and decrease junk intake. 

Another group is doing a great Challenge for the month on October, I think it is a great way to get on the road of healthy eating. You can sign up for it here.

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