Monday, August 20, 2012

School Pictures 2012-2013

Get ready for the New School Year in style!

Arabic Reads: All Praises to God, then English Reads: A New School Year 2012-2013

I thought making an interview form for my Beloveds would be a great way to remember how their interest or ~FAVORITES~ change each year. It would also be a wonderful way to let me know what they want to learn about and what trips they would like to take. Big A wants to go to Panama, I am not sure how likely that will happen this year, but having a goal is encouraged! 

One thing that changes alot is their signature, although I wrote Lil A's interview for her, she still wrote her name.  

They come in many styles and colors. Change up the style and color, each year.
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New School Interview 2012-13
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  1. Uhktee salaamu alayki I am trying to download these files and they are not working is it possible if you can email them to me inshaallah?

    1. Walaikum AsSalaam, I am sorry about the link, I can surely email it to you.

      The link is working now.

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    1. I thought about you when I posted it!

  3. You have really outdone yourself with these last few posts, very beautiful photos and stories. Ma Sha'Allah

    1. Thank you, my babe! I am so blessed to have you as my number 1 supporter.


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