Monday, August 27, 2012

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I love seeing my ideas taken, expanded, improved on out there on the web because we all know they did not originate with me, but the One who created me.

Although, we are humans with human needs, we are also spiritual beings not bounded by time or space. Our growth in this world is to recognize that our spiritual reality will be our only reality very soon.

Holding on to this world, our ego, our baggage and drama, our addictions, our hoards of stuff, our prejudices, our hatred and even our love for anything but the Creator is like holding on to greased razors that will cut and slip through your fingers simultaneously. ♥
(My humble facebook status)

I understand artist are sensitive because I am probably one of the most sensitive ones. I cry and get my feelings hurt super easily. I am human. Most people like me want to help the world, put right wrongs, and even the playing field. There are so many different ways we may do this, whether through charitable work,  creating beautiful art, or becoming a freedom fighter. Some of us were never really popular, yet through sharing our talents with others for free or for profit, we gained a new status that we may be unfamiliar with. And the once humble guy after swimming with the sharks has now become shark. He forgot that the ocean is vast and beautiful and that predators are only few and far between. He must remember that many animals in the ocean live a peaceful existence like dolphins whom also swim with the sharks and are unaffected by them. And even when they are the smaller fish whose fate it is to be eaten, they don't live out their days in fear, but keep on the way God has Created them to do. (Thanks Humble Dad) We can't let the world change our nature. We must remain loving, giving, and most of all humble. Our talent was given to us and can be taken away. We must remember Whom we truly are accountable to and why we do this. Let our work be for His Sake.

That being said, I would like more people to take advantage of the things I share, so when you share my stuff with others please link back to

Be Peace

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