Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Islamic Sayings

Although, this post is called Islamic Sayings, these sayings are not purely Islamic. Did you know their are Jewish Arabs and Christian Arabs whom speak Arabic? Therefore, using the word Allah for God is used by people who are not Muslim. Allah just means the one God, the Creator of the Universe and all that is known and unknown, without possessing a physical form. Muslims believe that Allah is the Creator of All things, even the idea of a skyscraper that was obviously created by a human, the idea itself was given to that human being by God. Therefore, All Praises are due to God and the Islamic(Arabic) saying is Alhumdulilah. It is saying the exact same thing. Many English sayings were used to praise God as well, like the saying, "God speed" or "God Willing" But as the Western world became secularized, we have lost this respect and understanding.

As an American Muslim convert, I go back and forth using both English and Arabic sayings many times on this blog. The reason for this is to acknowledge that this Power, this Beauty, this Talent, this Everything came from Something bigger than me. Something that can take a tiny cell and create a beautiful human child. Something that made the moon as perfect as it is to reflect light in just the perfect way to radiate the night sky and help control the tides. God is Glorious and Awesome. Whether, you are a practicing Christian, Jew or Muslim, to recognize this is to define us and to shape the way we live our life. Therefore, Muslims use these words every day in all aspect of their life. From the greeting of "AsSalaamu Alaikum"  which means "May the Peace of God be with you" When I attend my grandmother's Episcopalian church they say these exact words in Church "May the Peace of God be with you" and the reply "and also with you". However, that is where it ends. I don't enter my grandma's house with this greeting, or greet the store cashier with this greeting. But in Arab speaking countries (whatever the Religion is) and among Muslims in the west, we say "May the Peace of God be with you" or AsSalaamu Alaikum in all settings.  That's alot of Peace of God being spread at every second of everyday in many places around the world!

I am going to start labeling my pictures with these sayings and I wanted to give a heads up of the meaning.

Masha'Allah- God has willed it. It is used to express joy and appreciation of something beautiful. And to protect the object of beauty from evils of jealousy, bad thought, or jinx.

Subhan'Allah- Glorious is God. Hallowed be Thy Name. It is used to praise God or to express awe in His Creation.

Alhumdulilah- Praise God. All Praises is due to God. It is used to show gratitude for anything given, even if it comes from another human being because the true Giver is God. The Hebrew word "Halleujah" is also the same.

A video of more Islamic Sayings:

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