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I didn't do an extensive research of Yellowstone, I did not plan it out, I just let it come naturally. Even my trusty Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America's Two-Lane Highways  book did not give me a great deal of info on Yellowstone. Many things we found out through living it and this is a note that I wrote for a friend who asked.
Jackson Hole, WY - Arch of Antlers

We did not stay in the park, we stayed in Jackson Hole which is on the Southside of the Park, next to Grand Teton National Park. The Tetons are majestic, however, we only had two days, therefore, we drove through - stopping for a brief time to take pictures.

I think if I had more time in Yellowstone, I would camp there because the best times we found to see animals are early in the morning after Fajr prayer and late in the afternoon just before Maghrib. We had bison and elk at our car at arms length at Sunrise. It was absolutely awesome!

Old Faithful was nice, but all the other Geysers in the basin were Great! I would do a ranger walk at this point, especially if you want your children to work for their Junior Ranger Patch. You will need one ranger talk to get the patch. It is a little stinky because of the sulfur. I remember when I was a child, if something stinks we would say it smells like "rotten eggs" Well just recently we drove passed a stinky sewer and S Man, said "It smells like geysers!" Too funny! Despite the smell, the Geysers were one of our favorite places, we spent 4 hours in just this place!

Z Man taking pictures of Old Faithful

I love that Lil A found a place to practice her letters, what a great sensory tool!

Z Man getting sprayed by a Geyser, what a sight to see and smell:)

The drive through the park was hours long with no traffic. I think we went at the perfect time: early June. It was not crowded, but definitely had a good amount of people. We never were stuck in traffic, we could go the speed limit easily and pull over at any of the many stops for sight seeing. We brought a cooler for our whole road trip and it has been a life saver. Humble dad did not see the importance of utilizing our limited space for a cooler at first, but he soon appreciated it when cold water and juice boxes were readily available. I also kept a big box of chips from Costco in the trunk, that I filled with other snacks also. The chip box was a perfect fit and it kept snacks in one place.
Taking a sip of that clear Glacier Water.

Beside the Geysers, the other main attraction is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. For this the best preparation is walking up and down steps. You don't need to go down all 358 steps, but it is well worth it. This part is called Uncle Tom's Trail ( no relation to the book). They have a warning sign that people with asthma or a heart condition should not venture down. However, even Lil A went down and walked up some of the way and was on her dad's back the rest of the way. Artist Point is a must see view of the waterfall. Go  early, beat some of the crowds, as with everything.

We did not make it to Lamar Valley on the West side of the park where they say is Grizzly Bear territory. That was our only regret because the boys really wanted to see a Grizzly Bear. We did see black bears, by just stopping off on one of the many pull off areas. These pull offs are perfect for picture taking and viewing things with binoculars.

*This is where my note ended.
However, I have so much more to tell. The most important thing is about the hot springs. I had a yearning to visit the hot springs that I visited when I was a teenager. Part of Yellowstone is on the property of my old church that is in Gardiner, Montana. One vivid memory I have is snow all around the edges of the river, steam coming off the river, and us youth playing in the river.
We were sad that the hot springs were closed due to the raging river, but we were still able to touch the 120 degree. Just to experience this natural phenomenon was awesome!

Great Shopping in Yellowstone!

Great Nature Centers in Yellowstone!

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  1. This is amazing! You guys are so lucky to have gone. I only just recently developed an interest in Yellowstone & the like as an adult, Homeschooling Mom. As a kid we didn't have the means to visit places like this although my counterparts in school did plenty of this type of traveling I'm sure. Kids really do change your view of life and make you appreciate so much more of the world. Thanks so much for the inspiration. insha'Allah we'll go one day soon enough as a family.

    1. Yes, children do. Although, Yellowstone was wonderful, there is so much of God's Creation that are equally as wonderful right here in our backyard. I would love for my family to explore some of those places with you and your girls.

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. Masha'Allah reminds me so much of my childhood. I pray that I'm able to give my children these experiences as well :)

    1. These activities really do amount to wonderful memories! May Allah answer your duas.

  4. Masha Allah! What fun! I went to Yellowstone many times as a child - and it makes me chuckle to realize I posed for pics in some of the very same places! Thanks for sharing - and bringing back such good memories! I think I remember the steps in the Yellowstone Grand Canyon because we always had our sweet, little ,Chinese Pug with us and he had breathing problems LOL We had to carry him back up! I pray that someday I will have a family and take them on these wonderful adventures too! Sr. Katie


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