Sunday, May 27, 2012

Montessori Grammar

I love to use Montessori Grammar for a weekly review. Most grammar programs cover one subject at a time, spending alot of time with nouns and verbs. While some children (and adults) never learn what a conjunction or preposition are. Moreover, they do not know how to use it properly. By simply taking a couple of sentences a week, labeling each word with a grammar symbol provides a necessary review.

Below is all the items my Beloveds use for the Montessori Grammar. I love Montessori Grammar because I would like to think the green crescent that represents "Preposition" was inspired by the lengthy time Maria Montessori spent in Pakistan and India, living with the Muslims.

These little containers from Dollar Tree are perfect to hold cards, map pins, and Grammar symbols. The Grammar Symbols, Booklet and Sentence workmat is available free for download.

The spray bottle and towel is important necessity when using a wet erase marker.

The Grammar symbols can easily fit within the rectangle of the Grammar workmat. We write sentences from different pieces of Literature. KISS grammar has many sentences from Classical Literature easily accessible and free!

The grammar book that is free to download as all of my printables, has a written version of grammar symbol worksheet. You can use this booklet to just write in the symbol with different color wet erase marker.

I laminated the grammar booklet and use a wet erase marker with it to preserve resources. I really want a Green home and decreasing paper consumption and waste is one way that I am making changes. The inside of the book has cards that a picture can be drawn on the top and word(s) can be written on the bottom. I also made individual cards as seen below in our Grammar farm exercise. I purchased this play farm from Ikea.

All NoorJanan Montessori Grammar Downloads are available on this page: Grammar Folder

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